Neneh Isatou Jallow is a young and ambitious entrepreneur in Jarra Soma, Lower River Region.

Having studied the market and realizing the need and increasing demand for cosmetic products in soma. A place which is a good location for such kind of business considering the fact that it’s a transit point for many  travelers and its nearness to the border, she decided to set up a business that will solve these needs.

The business, NENEH’S BEAUTY SHOP was established four years ago to provide the required products to people at cheaper and affordable price. She sells various cosmetic products ranging from body lotion, spray, clothes, shoes, etc.

The business currently employs one person who is working with her on the business, however, she aims to employ at least 3 youth by the end of December 2019.

She has attended several entrepreneurship trainings from EMPRETEC, SDF and NEDI.

Neneh is a registered member of GAMBIA YOUTH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and also part of the GYCC Lower River Region Chapter.  7870170/3820330/3685556