Alamo is an irregular migrant returnee, he spent almost four years between Burkina Faso, Benin and Algeria trying to reach Italy but all attempts were unsuccessful. After his return from that tedious journey, he decided to set up his own business: Nemasu Enterprise.


Nemasu Enterprise was established in 2008, with the aim and desire is to create job opportunity for young people in the rural areas particularly Lower River Region. Today they have employed 3 young people who are working and earning their living at nemasu. They provide whole sale and retail of food stuff such as: sugar cooking oil, green tea, eggs, Irish potato, onion, milk, milk powder, flour etc.


Almamo the proprietor, have attended several training since his return: Business Development Services Training organized by Social Development Fund (SDF), and entrepreneurship training from EMPRETECH, GYIN Gambia and NEDI.


He is a registered member of GAMBIA YOUTH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (GYCC) and currently serves as the president of the GYCC Lower River Region Chapter 7870170/3820330/3685556