The Product Development Marketing and Branding was conducted by Ousman Sonko of Managers’ Prescription consultancy Services.

This was aimed at enabling exhibitors to better understand the importance of Product Development and Branding in their business as it improves the quality of the product, increase product value and enhance business growth.

They were exposed to some samples of packing and marketing of products and services.


The Pitching Contest Training facilitated by Baboucarr Kebbeh Chief Executive Officer – Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce.

This was meant to help the exhibitors have an idea of some the tips in pitching, to enable them better understand their business, be more innovative and prepare them for future challenges.

The exhibitors will later be contesting in pitching their businesses and the winners will be awarded with cast prizes of D5000, D3000 and D2000 respectively to improve their businesses.



Osainou Saine Proprietor of ECOTECH sharing his story which motivated all the exhibitors


Pitching Contest Practical to enable exhibitors get acquainted with the idea of pitching

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