Cocktail Connect- A networking and B2B events for Start Ups

The Gambia Youth chamber of commerce with support of the EUFT-GIZ Tekki-fii Project, has established The “’Youth Entrepreneurship Network’’ in three intervention regions of project and usher in an executive committee in each of these regions to support GYCC in coordination of their activities and programs.

The creation of a unique network ‘’The YE-Network’’ which had mobilized and bring together all Tekki-ffii Beneficiaries and other entrepreneurs, therefore, it will be an enormously important part of the sustainability of businesses, marketing activities, networking and knowledge base sharing, opportunity creation and most important create a pool of united enterprises seeing each other as investors, partners rather seeing a competitor’s lens.

All evidence of the research confirms that opportunities to get face-to-face with potential partners and customers and potential future clients remain an incredibly valuable tool for developing new business. Even in this day and age of exciting multi-channel and internet-based communication, the need for personal interaction has never been more important. There is a significant value of mobilizing entrepreneurs to exchange experience and allow them to have a window of discussion on how they want their future to look like in our society.

GYCC Gambia with support from the GIZ project will work together brought together about 200  project beneficiaries to expand the already existing GYCC networks and cooperatives in difference business sectors raging from Youth and women Enterprises in Fashion sector (Garment-Making & hair-Dressing & Beauty Therapy), Electrical and Satellite Installation, Constructions (block laying, tiling, welding) and Agribusiness sector (Poultry, Agroprocessing and horticulture). The expansion focused on Project intervention region of GBA, LRR and URR and a pilot face led by GYCC.

This events resulted to creation of over 20 partnership corporation among the start up businesses, this has also reduce the high cost rent burden on single start ups to a join working space with less cost, we have also seen the poultry sector market increase as they begin to supply their fellow youth and women in the catering services likewise the Satellite , solar and Electrical technicians have already established their own network to share opportunities and sub-contract each other in case of larger contracts and demands, these we think worth emulating

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